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Press Release - 26th August 2011

Moyle Interconnector fault

On 24th August at 1409 a fault was recorded on one of two 250 MW cables that comprises the Moyle electricity interconnector, which connects the electricity systems of Northern Ireland and Scotland. Testing has shown the fault to be located offshore, approximately 3km from the Scottish shoreline in a water depth of 20m. Further testing will be required to back up these initial findings and provide a more precise indication as to the exact location of the fault, which at this stage has been narrowed down as being within a 1.8km section of cable.

Due to the pre-existing fault on the other Moyle pole, the Moyle interconnector is now unavailable. Work is ongoing to further establish the exact location of the fault and to devise a programme to repair the cable with the owners and operators of the Moyle Interconnector, Mutual Energy Limited (MEL) liaising directly with specialist engineers to identify and repair the fault as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of working offshore, a typical repair schedule for this type of fault could be in the region of six months. The cause of the fault is not yet known and will be the subject of investigation as the repair progresses.


Notes for Editors:

1. The Moyle Interconnector consists of two separate 250 megawatt (MW) cables running 63 kilometres between converter stations in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Moyle has a capacity of 500 MW but is limited to the transfer of 450 MW from Scotland to Northern Ireland and 294 MW from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

2. Pole 1 of the Moyle interconnector came out of service as a result of a fault on 26th June 2011. Testing has established that the fault is located offshore, approximately 17km from the Northern Ireland coast in a water depth of 140m. Work is ongoing to identify and repair this fault.

3. For further information contact:
Owen McQuade, Lagan Consulting
Tel: 028 9261 9550 / Mob: 07967 094494


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