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Press Release - 18th October 2011

Update on Moyle cable faults repair


Mobilisation of the repair vessel (the North Sea Giant) in Norway is well underway and the vessel is due to set sail for the Irish Sea later this week. The first stage in the repair process will be to uncover the buried cable in the vicinity of the first fault. This will then allow the cable to be cut and each end brought to the surface.

On Friday 14th October we successfully tested a reconfiguration of the subsea conductors to allow one half of the interconnector to be put into service until repair work commences. The interconnector was re-energised and ran for over one hour at approximately 15 megawatts power transfer, confirming that this mode of operation works in principal. However the electrical characteristics of the reconfigured cable system is different from the original set up and consequently some earth leakage currents were measured that had not been accounted for. It is now necessary to study the impact of these currents and determine their effect. If required the removal of these currents is likely to require some other changes to the Moyle equipment. The interconnector is now de-energised again awaiting the arrival of the repair vessel to commence the repair process. The design engineers have now been tasked with completing an analysis of the changes required to the Moyle control systems and other ancillary systems to allow running in this reconfigured mode for a more prolonged period. As the repair will have commenced before this design process is completed we expect to re-prove this alternative running method as part of our future outage plan.


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