Chris Murray


Chris Murray is a member of the National Grid Leadership Team and Chief Executive Officer of Xoserve Limited. National Grid own and operate the high voltage electricity network in England and Wales and the high pressure gas network in Great Britain. Xoserve provide data management services for the UK gas industry on behalf of all the major gas Network transportation companies and provide one consistent service point for companies who use the networks to deliver gas to end users. Chris has over 37 years experience in the energy industry and has held numerous operational directorates ranging from leadership of commercial areas to operation of both the national Electricity and Gas networks. Prior to his roles with National Grid, Chris was the founding CEO of Phoenix Natural Gas and before that worked for East Midlands Gas and British Gas. Chris is Deputy Chairman of the Energy & Utility Skills Council and Chairman of the Energy Generation and Supply Knowledge Transfer Network. He is a Fellow of the Energy Institute, President, Fellow and past Midlands Section Chairman of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers and a member of the Institute of Directors.

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