Mutual Energy operates a significant gas transmission business which includes the Scotland – Northern Ireland pipeline (SNIP) and the Belfast Gas Transmission pipeline from Islandmagee to Belfast.  To-date all of Northern Ireland’s natural  gas used has come across the SNIP.  Mutual Energy has achieved 100% availability on these two important assets.

Premier Transmission Limited (PTL) is the owner and operator of the Scotland to Northern Ireland natural gas transmission pipeline (SNIP).

PTL also operates the Belfast Gas Transmission Pipeline (BGTP) on behalf of Belfast Gas Transmission Limited. The SNIP and the BGTP jointly form the Premier Transmission Pipeline System.

The full share capital of PTL was acquired from the 50/50 joint venture owners, BG Group plc and Keyspan Energy Development Corporation, on 18 March 2005 by Mutual Energy Ltd. Mutual Energy is a mutual company which manages energy assets in the long term interests of Northern Ireland’s energy consumers. Having no shareholders, any financial surpluses are for the benefit of energy consumers. This combined with long term secure finance has allowed the company to manage major energy assets at a very low cost to consumers.

The 24-inch diameter pipeline is 135 kilometres long and runs from Twynholm in Scotland to Ballylumford in Northern Ireland.

Constructed over a period of three years between 1994 and 1996, the pipeline was completed to schedule and within budget. The pipeline operates under an ‘open access’, non-discriminatory commercial framework.

It transports gas to Ballylumford Power Station which generates over half of Northern Ireland’s electricity needs and feeds the Greater Belfast natural gas distribution system via the Belfast Gas Transmission Pipeline.

Belfast Gas Transmission Limited (BGTL) is the owner of the Belfast Gas Transmission Pipeline system – a part of the Premier Transmission Pipeline System.

The full share capital of Phoenix Natural Gas Limited, was acquired from Phoenix Energy Holding on 31 March 2008, the name has changed to BGTL.

BGTL, owns the Belfast Gas Transmission pipeline system, which consists of 26km’s of 600mm “cross country”  pipeline connected to the SNIP pipeline at Ballylumford, above ground installations at Torytown, where pressure is reduced before exiting the system  and Middle Division, where the North West Pipeline connects.

In addition there are two underwater pipelines, a 9km, 600mm pipeline across Belfast Lough and a 3km, 200mm pipeline across Larne Lough, both supplying the downstream gas markets.

For historic reasons, Mutual Energy’s  gas business including the Belfast Gas Transmission pipeline is operated day to day under the auspices of Mutual Energy subsidiary “Premier Transmission Ltd”

Gas to the West

Mutual Energy has recently been awarded the high pressure licence for the development of Northern Ireland’s gas network to the west of the province.

To find out more about Gas to the West visit or find out more here.

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