Moyle Interconnector: Overview of Financial Transmission Rights

The interconnectors between SEM and GB markets currently sell a form of physical transmission rights. These rights enable a participant to buy interconnector capacity in an auction then nominate a flow of electricity across the interconnector within the participant’s capacity holding.

 In the I-SEM  arrangements, from May 2018, the forwards electricity market will be strictly financial and the interconnectors will sell Financial Transmission Rights, a form of contract for difference based on prices in two markets.

Moyle has now published a short plain English overview of Financial Transmission Rights. The note includes answers to common questions:

  • What are Financial Transmission Rights?
  • Will FTR pay-outs be adjusted for transmission losses?
  • What is the risk of an interconnector trip to FTR holders?
  • How do I buy FTRs on Moyle for the (I-)SEM-GB border?

Financial Transmission Rights on Moyle – A Plain English Overview for Interested Parties

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