Moyle Publications

Access Arrangements

Moyle Interconnector Access Rules

These rules govern how Mutual Energy, as interconnector owner, grants access to the use of the interconnector.

Moyle Interconnector Charging Methodology Statement

This statement is a condition of Moyle’s licence and outlines how users of the interconnector will be charged.

Moyle letter to UR and Ofgem re Access Rule approvals 2017

This letter outlines the transition from Physical Transmission Rights to Financial Transmission Rights, and the associated changes to Moyle’s Access Rules and Charging Methodology as a result of the new I-SEM market which went live on 1st October 2018.

Moyle Access Rules – Ofgem Approval

This letter outline’s Ofgem’s approval for the Access Rules.

Moyle Access Rules – UREGNI Approval

This letter outline’s the Utility Regulator of Northern Ireland’s approval for the Access Rules.

EU Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR)

This document outlines the general rules regarding cross-border trade across Europe.

Regional specific annex to the HAR

This document contains rules around cross-border trader specific to the SEM-GB border.

Capacity Calculations

Moyle Interconnector Capacity Calculation

This document outlines the process for determining what the capacity is on the Moyle Interconnector, including the methodology by which National Grid allocate hourly capacity.

Please note from 2nd July 2019, the capacity available to Moyle in the NI network will be as shown below.  This supersedes Table 2 in the Moyle Interconnector Capacity Calculation document published above.

DirectionDatesCapacity available (MW)
West to EastAll year400
East to WestAll year500

Moyle Auction Calendar

2020 Auction Calendar – Updated 200703


There are currently no live consultations relating to the Moyle Interconnector.

Moyle Data

Please note that these are not live documents, so may not be relied upon and are for general information and ease of access purposes only.  For up to date transparency publications relating to the Moyle Interconnector please refer to the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform.

Meter data

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