Title Open/Closed Closing Downloads
Entry Point Registrations Business Rules Closed 29/08/14 Download
Entry Capacity Transitional Arrangements Business Rules Closed 29/08/14 Download
Nominations Business Rules Closed 28/08/14 Download
Allocations Business Rules Closed 28/11/14 Download
Interim Measures Closed 05/12/14 Downloads
Capacity Allocation Mechanisms and Changes for Entry-Exit Closed 05/01/15 Downloads
Gas Day Transition Closed 05/01/15 Downloads
Balancing and Scheduling Business Rules Closed 04/06/15 Download
Invoicing and Credit Business Rules Closed 27/05/15 Download
Revised Congestion Management Procedures (CMP) Closed 15/06/15 Downloads
Tripartite Agreement Closed 5/08/15 Download
Consultation on West Transmission Code Closed 26/01/16 Downloads
OS Scheme for publication Closed 9/09/16 Downloads
Northern Ireland Single Gas Transmission Code Closed 5/12/16 Downloads
Interim Measures Update Report Consultation Paper Download
EWIC and Moyle – Draft Access Rules and Charging Methodology – Consultation Paper 2016 Closed Download
Access Rules Issue 4.0 Closed Download
Moyle Charging Methodology Closed Download
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