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There are four TSOs currently operating (in co-ordination with each other) in the NI Regime; Premier Transmission Limited, Belfast Gas Transmission Limited, West Transmission Limited and GNI (UK). Each NI TSO owns and operates their section of the overall NI Network.

Shippers are required to accede to each applicable NI code (according to which area they plan to operate in), and apply for registrations in respect of all the network points it wishes to use under each code. This is necessary to maintain the streamlined NI arrangements and for the purposes of the single balancing zone.

The NI TSOs operate together under a joint Northern Ireland Network Operators Agreement to make the NI Network operate as a single balancing zone (and to facilitate the application of a ‘postalised’ charging system). Therefore it is not necessary for there to be any capacity booking procedures at the points where the NI TSOs networks interface with each other.

For further information on Accession to the PTL/BGTL/WTL Codes, Prospective Shippers should contact the team by emailing

Please refer to Section 17 of the PTL Code for further information on the Accession process, which is summarized in the diagram below. The PTL Code can be accessed at:


Relevant documents as set out in Section 17 of the PTL Code can be accessed below:

PTL Accession Agreement BGTL Accession Agreement
Forecast Information Request Shipper Information form
Exit Capacity Application – Part 1 Exit Capacity Application – Part 2
Entry Point Registration Application Exit Point Registration
Policies – Connection Policy Emergency Contact Form
Downstream Load Statement – Part 1 Downstream Load Statement – Part 2
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