Mutual Energy operates a significant gas transmission business which includes the Scotland – Northern Ireland pipeline (SNIP) and the Belfast Gas Transmission pipeline from Islandmagee to Belfast. To date all of Northern Ireland’s natural gas used has come across the SNIP. Mutual Energy has achieved 100% availability on these two important assets.

The gas transmission market in Northern Ireland is operated by the Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland (GMO NI), on behalf of the four gas transmission operators (TSOs) in Northern Ireland. GMO NI provides a ‘one stop shop’ for the commercial activities of the TSOs.


How much does it cost?

Tariff calculation is based on allowable revenue, as agreed with the Utility Regulator, and forecast demand. For further information on current, future and historic tariffs and how they are calculated, please see the GMO NI website


Connecting to the High Pressure Transmission System

Connecting to the High Pressure Gas Transmission System is suitable for large consumers such as distribution networks, power stations and gas storage facilities.

To discuss your project requirements, please contact Mutual Energy to see how we can help with your connection enquiry.

Mutual Energy Limited do not provide connections for Domestic Properties, please contact your local Gas Distribution Network for such a connection.


If you are a biomethane producer and interested in connecting your facilities to the transmission network, please contact us to discuss your project. To find out more about biomethane connections into the Northern Ireland Gas Network click the button below:


Shippers intending to transport gas through the NI Transportation System are required to accede to the NI Network Gas Transmission Code, which is approved by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR), and can be viewed on the GMO NI website.

For further information, prospective shippers can contact the team by emailing